Welcome to Albion Elementary.  If you haven't seen our school yet, you should. We are so proud of our teachers and staff. We have two classrooms that include K-2 and 3-5.

School Announcements

  • Monday, February 13 school hours. On Monday, February 13, all CCSD schools will be dismissed sometime near or after noon so that all district employees can attend a meeting in Burley. There is evidently at least one media source that has mistakenly reported that there are school cancellations. This is not the case. Due to travel times to Burley as well as bus route needs, the dismissal time for each school in the district will vary. You should contact individual schools if you need to know the specific release time for students from that school.
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  • On Friday, February 10. Raft River High School, Raft River Elementary School, and Almo Elementary School will be closed due to flooding issues
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Principal's Pitch

Dear Parents,

                Welcome back to school! I had a wonderful conversation with our Albion kiddos, where they informed me that they were devastated to be done with their Christmas and New Year vacation. I tried to explain to them that they must be mistaken and that I am sure that they missed me and their teachers so terribly, that tears were a common place occurrence. They weren’t convinced.

But…. Your Albion staff and I did miss them terribly.

                We have some of the most productive parts of the year ahead of us. Let’s dig in and work hard for the next 5 months of the year. Please help us by:

1-      Bringing your students to school on time and allowing them to stay for the full day.

2-      Checking homework and backpacks daily.

3-      Read with your kiddos every night!

4-      Volunteer at the school whenever possible.

               Thank you so very much for all of the good that you do!



Mr. Lloyd

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